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1-Joseph Grady Nalley Jr.
2-Dale Earnhardt.
3-He died in baddle.
4-I play guitar like a bad mufucka. ai think its a good way to show emotions.
5-Yo I got da big -V-.
6-I would meet Hitler because i think i might learn something from him.
7-I dont like cheese.
8-I think everybody deserves to burn in hell.(nuff said)
11-If im skateboarding i drink water.
14-I would be a fucking nazi. At least nazis had will power like a dude on pcp.
15-My fav. hardcore band is norma jean or from autumn to ashes or underoath.
16-I would evolve.
17-I wear tight jeans and band shirts and chuck taylors.
18-I am a christian.
21-What do you mean. I am already God, I dont have to answer any of your stupid questions.

Well, this is my first entry, and i have siad everything i meant to say.
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