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damn, you guys suck. nobody has updated this. well i am now. lets see. about a week ago i went to see stretch armstrong and beloved in columbia. that wasa badass show. there was some mad fight dancing.i jumped in there doing my original "slapping the midgette" move. there was this dude in a thong in the pit. it was a white thong. other than that, it was a good show. i missed the shai hulud show, but thats ok. in a while i am going to see poison the well, avenged sevenfold, god forbid, and a bunch of other good bands. on x-mas i am going to go see agnostic front. that will be a badass show.man i get so much shit at school. only from rednecks and everybody knows that there opinions dont count. so its ok. there is a pretty big hardcore scene at northwestern. well it is an ok size. not too big. our band is going to practice tomorrow, it is the first, so i hope it goes ok. it probably will.i have a colt now. it is so annoying.i have a damn runny nose. ive been listening to a lot of from autumn to ashes lately. i like them a lot.my sister just got a mohawk. it is so cool, but it is short. it would be better if it were long.or taller or whatever.man there are so many good shows comming up. damn im exited.well, ill update again later...
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