. (xlittledavidx) wrote in xnerd_corex,

1. david j matheson
2. dale earnhardt, obviously
3. how #3 brought class back to the lost art of the mustache.
4. its sex for the ears, baby.
5. probably the heater in the attic, because no one ever touches it. big V for life.
6. i would probably like to meet henry rollins or jesus christ. jesus because he's the son of man. henry rollins because he's an interesting person.
7.i would eat sharp with Rollins and probably lamb cheese? with Jesus.
8.that shit is so singular.
9.it depends on which political party you are from. if you are a realist, a republican, you'd say "fuck yea" cause lennie fucked up and there was no turning back. now if you were a democrat, of course you'd say the obvious just to piss other people off and also because its not fair. i'd cry like a bitch to see it, but i have to say lennie had it coming.
8. morons, but in thinking that i believe that morons are necessary in the world so other people can outshine them. also who should die, martha stewart or people affiliated with bad hip hop.
10. hell no, but i do dig some DnB and some funky breaks, baby.
11.soda cause im a lazy american.
12.bush, of course.
13. republican. we aint always right, unless we're michael savage.
14. fuckin nazi. nazi's had organization out the wazoo. the dude couldnt get a good mustache style like Earnhardt but he sure knew how to take over countries. its basically a battle of mustaches really: hitler's vs. david crosby's. who do you think wins?
15.right in the middle between Atreyu and Stretch Armstrong.
16. i would evolve, its about damn time.
17.i wear pants all the time because i skate. as far as anything else, shoes to skate in.
18. christian, non-denomonational but leaning towards protestants i guess. organized religion is a bit screwed but hey, we try.
19. i smoke cigarettes and am a lust fiend. maybe my skateboard? women are truly man's ruin (i.e. Eden.)
20. -----------------
21. man, i'd be dale earnhardt or dr. phil. both are underground rulers of sub-cultures and no one would ever expect it.
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