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nerds anonymous baby

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This be fo all nerds yo.

"g's up ho's down, if the bitch can't swim, she's bound to driz-ound"--marlboro matheson

This community is for all outkasts that listen to hard-core. If you look at our interests and are trying to figure us out weeeelllll .... hence the name nerd core.

To join the community we require you to fill out this form. (you must pick at least 10). We are not elite fucks; we just wanna get to know you.

1.)Name or alias
2.)Favorite Nascar Driver
3.)Favorite thing about Dale Earnhardt
4.)Musical interests and why. (ie.the way it makes you feel, or you play a musical intsrument, etc. get as philosophical as you can w/ this quesion.)
5.)favorite household appliance and how this ties in w/ your favorite sexual position. (don't be stupid and say, "cuz i can fuck on it")6.)if you could meet any famous person who would it be and why?
7.)what kind of cheese would you eat w/ him/her?
8.)is license plural or singular?
9.)did lenny really deserve to die?
8.)who deserves to die and why, oh and how? (be as creative as you will)
9.)do you do drugs?
10.)raver? yes, or no. believe me you don't have to explain this one.
11.)water or soda?
12.)bush or gore?
13.)are you affiliated w/ a political party or are you an independent?
14.)nazi or hippie and WHY?
15.)favorite hard-core band
16.)explain in 10 words what would happen if new information was added to your genetic code over billions of years.
17.)What kind of clothes do you wear and why?
20.)picture of you w/ your favorite quote below it. (this is not neccessary)
21.)what great ruler would you be and why?

These were interests we had that wouldn't fit. We had 284 total. We suck(anthrax, terrorism, sars, phenomes, pheromomes, genomes, dr phil, judge judy hanging from cross, physics, the hidden hitler, hitlers sweet side, fucking hitler, physical attraction, icons, tombstone the movie not the pizza, private eyes, pizza, eyedea, sage francis, atmosphere, the stratosphere, psychobilly, rockabilly, neo-nazis, the matrix, psi, jules, kelvin, temperature,surf music, the remnant, biology, entimology, anti-evolution,)
18 visions, 7 angels 7 plagues, afi, afropunk.com trailer, anatomy, anorexorcist, anti-scene, art, atreyu, ball-room dancing, bane, beloved, billy graham, black flag, black glasses, black metal, bladerunner, break dancing, bubonic plague, burning, camel cigarettes, catharsis from russia god, chemical warfare, chuck taylors, cigars, computers, cradle of filth, css, de inc, dead kennedys, dead to fall, death cab for cutie, dilsexia, donnie darko, e=mc2, echo and the bunnymen, edward norton, elevator sex, elitist fucks, existentialism, faces of death, farenheit 451, fat kids, femminazis, fight dancing, freudian slips, from autumn to ashes, fucking w/ you, full metal jacket, genetic engineering, george orwell, george w bush, germany, gibson, granddaddy, graphic design, guerilla warfare, guns, hackers, hells bells, him, hitler, html, isaac newton, isaac watts, jail, joy division, libertarianism, literature, logic, love metal, m-16 carbine, megadeath, midgets, missiles, motley crue, naked pics of you, nazis, norma jean, obituary birthdays, ohlendorf, opeth, orange soda sux, parabolas, pattibon, philosophy, pi, pissed off southern baptists, plague metal, poison the well, politics, politics of danzig, prison, procreation, progressive metal, psychology, psychotic mutherfuckers, punks, republicans, rockin the sidepipe, samuel jackson, sk8teboarding, southern pimps, spiderman, stalin, stanley kubrick, star wars, strateia, stray cats, swastikas, taboos, tales from the dark-side, tanks, tattoos, tears for fears, the agony scene, the clash, the cure, the fourth reich, the laws of thermodynamics, the misfits, the physics of immortality, the punisher, the shining, the third reich, therion, tight jeans, timetravel, tourettes syndrome, underoath, viking metal, windows xp, x-men, xml, young tom fury, zao